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What We’re Currently Using

Welcome to our homeschool! Our homeschool year officially starts on the first Monday of August, so I will be updating this list as we go. The wonders of homeschooling! (Insert. Big. Smile!)

Reminder! We may get compensated when you use our links. It will NEVER cost you any more money AND in many cases, it may cost you less. This helps us keep costs down and continue to hook you up with amazing resources. Thanks!

*I invite you to click on the underlined resource to check out their website.*

—>Our favorite private school: Florida Unschoolers

—>Math: Teaching Textbooks

—>Math & Spanish:

—>Complete Curriculum: Gather ‘Round Homeschool

—>Habit Training: Laying Down the Rails for Children

—>Kids Bible Studies:

—>Books/Extra Resources: Audio & E-books: Scribd – Get 60 days free!

—>Solution Point Learning: Pain Free Record Keeping?? Why yes, sign me up!

—> Yellow House Book Rental: Did you know you could rent the books/curriculum you need? Can you say “money saver”?

—>Fun Unit Studies, Printables, Educational Resources: Fun With A Message

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